Breeze Bakery Cafe



Breeze is open on all holidays.

Breeze closes at 2am on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Breeze has $5 minimum to use any card.

The patio closes during winter season.

It varies depending on the weather condition, especially when there are strong winds.

Unfortunately, all payments should be processed in person at the store. If scheduling or traveling distance is an issue, please feel free to contact one of the managers for more options.

Breeze Bakery Café offers wedding cake sampling to customers. If interested please feel free to contact one of the managers over the phone or via email to discuss further.

Baked goods on the shelves and cakes in the showcases go through changes in design as we at Breeze Bakery Café strive to accommodate different customer tastes and preferences.

Breeze Bakery Café products are made and served fresh daily. We at Breeze Bakery Café take pride in the fact that we add zero preservative to any of our products offered at our location.

No pets are permitted in the store except for service animals with licenses. Please have the license with you.